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An Introduction

Orsus Series: Discover the Entrepreneur Within


What images or descriptions come to mind when you hear the word “Entrepreneur”?

Orsus Series - Discover the Entrepreneur Within - Waverley Knobs
  • Is it working on a beach with a white blanket of sand curling itself up to the edge of a turquoise ocean?
  • How about earning 6-figures while only working a few days out of the week and jet-setting to far off destinations for vacation?
  • Or how about a person who is a founder of a tech company in the Valley, everyone wearing jeans, converse, hoodies, with headphones on?

If you snickered slightly, rolled your eyes or just gave a definitive, “No”, you’d be correct. If you said, “Yes”, don’t feel bad. There are many people who also fall into the trap of what the “ideal situations” would be for an entrepreneur — rather than the reality that is.

The Ideal Mould

We, as entrepreneurs, have these stereotypes placed upon us fairly often. And it’s no wonder that these stereotypes exist with so many “successful entrepreneurs” pushing online classes, eBooks and other “magical steroids for entrepreneurs” that can make you smarter, faster and wealthier (be extra careful of the ones that promise to also lower your blood-pressure).

In addition to the “get rich quick” products and services, you have a plethora of articles telling you how to change your routines and thinking, so that you can fit the “perfect entrepreneurial mould” thus, creating more misconceptions.

Some of my favorite article titles often look like this:

Successful entrepreneurs only sleep 4 hours each night!

Successful entrepreneurs sleep 15 hours each day!

Successful entrepreneurs reach a meditative state beyond that of normal human comprehension and thus DON’T NEED SLEEP AT ALL!

Foolproof Success

Now, that last article title was fake… but it does clearly (albeit, ridiculously) emphasize my point against this false standardization of what “being an entrepreneur” is like.

In the end, there is no perfect path to take on your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. There are no specific fool-proof methods to becoming the 5% of people who get their business off of the ground (source).

The best thing one can truly do, is to understand what other entrepreneurs went through, and see how we can integrate bits of their success stories into one of our own. Which parts of someone’s journey that resonate with us can we mould to us, rather than the other way around?

Orsus Series - Discover the Entrepreneur Within



How can we learn from the experiences of entrepreneurs, and ignore all of that hyped-up content constantly circulating online?

Glad you asked! That’s exactly why we’ve started our Orsus Series: Discover the Entrepreneur Within. Entrepreneurs earnestly share what they’ve learned and experienced, and allow you to get a behind-the-scenes look at the “magic” of entrepreneurship.

With the Orsus Series, you can start to set realistic expectations, as you build the foundation you need to launch your next big idea!


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Orsus Series - Discover the Entrepreneur Within