Produce A Podcast part 2

[So, You Want To … Keep This In Mind] Produce A Podcast – part 2

You’ve probably already listened to a few podcasts and, with podcasts recently sprouting like mushrooms after a rainstorm, you’re wondering what does it take to produce a podcast? It’s easy enough to find information on what kind of equipment to buy to flesh out your studio – but what about all the other stuff that […]

Produce A Podcast part 1

[So, You Want To … Keep This In Mind] Produce A Podcast – part 1

You’ve probably already listened to a few podcasts and, with podcasts recently sprouting like mushrooms after a rainstorm, you’re wondering what does it take to produce a podcast? It’s easy enough to find information on what kind of equipment to buy to flesh out your studio – but what about all the other stuff that […]


How Brands Evolved

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean (Actor) With the New Year coming quickly, we’ll be facing a lot of changes. Change is inevitable. We change our diets, change our style, change living arrangements but we also change our business’ […]

2017 business goals Waverley Knobs

Business Motivational Quotes

In order to help keep you motivated and have you start off strong in 2017, here is a list of some of our favorite motivational quotes from a few great business influencers.

Breaking The Mirror: How to Write Character Voices To Not Reflect Your Own - Waverley Knobs, Boston MA

Breaking The Mirror: How to Write Character Voices To Not Reflect Your Own

A guide to scriptwriting for your next film or video production project. It’s midnight. You’ve been staring at your beaming computer screen for about forty-five minutes, working on your ‘tan’. Bloodshot eyes peering through window drape-like eyelids. You know the directions you need to take to reach your destination, but you realize the vehicle doesn’t […]

Boston Film Gala - audience

Boston Film Gala

  As quickly as the 2016 Boston Film Gala began, it ended. Even though it felt like it flew by, the impact was great. This year’s gala connected our community to immensely talented creatives while providing exposure to fantastic films and art. Beyond this, we were also able to assist an amazing member of our […]

Demystifying the Video Production Process - Pre-Production - Waverley Knobs - Boston MA

Demystifying The Video Production Process – Pre-Production

Nowadays, video is unavoidable, especially integrated as part of a marketing campaign. In this Demystifying The Video Production Process 5-part series, we go from script to screen to show you our process, and the major key parts to the video production process.   Pre-Production In this second part, we discuss Pre-Production. In this stage, you […]

On-Camera Interview Tips - Waverley Knobs - Boston MA

On-Camera Interview Tips

So you’ve got an on-camera interview coming up? Here are a few tips on what to wear when you’re in front of the lens, and what you can expect during an interview. CLOTHING The camera looks for the predominant value in the scene so it can balance everything else. With the technology in mind, here […]

Demystifying the Video Production Process - Discovery Period - Waverley Knobs - Boston MA

Demystifying The Video Production Process – Discovery Period

Nowadays, video is unavoidable, especially integrated as part of a marketing campaign. In this Demystifying The Video Production Process 5-part series, we go from script to screen to show you our process, and the major key parts to the video production process. Discovery Period In this first part, we discuss the Discovery Period. Some people […]

Waverley Knobs - MA - Video Platforms

Online Video Platforms: Which is the best for your content?

With the power of video growing each day, there are a plethora of platforms that specifically exist to showcase video content, and social media that have included video hosting as their offering. With this spike of hosting options, how do you determine which one is the best for your content, or for your business and […]

YouTube Cards Vs. YouTube Annotations: When and Why To Use Them

If you are just creating a YouTube Channel for the first time, or if you haven’t used your YouTube channel for some time, you will notice that there are many tools that are at your disposal. Two of the most popular tools allow you to add Annotations and Cards to your videos. The ability to […]

Interview with CK Realty Group - Chris Kavakian - Branch-Out Podcast - Waverley Knobs Boston

Branch-Out Podcast: Interview with Chris Kavakian, Owner/Broker of CK Realty Group

“Have patience. Especially with a new business. It is very rare to be successful overnight.” – Chris Kavakian We interviewed the Owner/Broker of CK Realty Group, Chris Kavakian. Chris has seem some fantastic successes in his career and he shared his journey on how he got to owning his own realty and property management company. […]

Top 10 Podcasts by Waverley Knobs Boston & Branch-Out: THE Digital Media & Marketing Podcast

Top Marketing, Sales, Business and Leadership Podcasts To Tune In To

Can’t get enough of marketing, business and leadership know-how? Subscribe to top marketing and business podcasts and get sales, leadership and other key insights delivered to your ears via your favorite audio device! Sure there are blogs you can read and videos you can watch, but there are a myriad of situations where having your […]

Branding Your Blog - Act-On Software Contributor - Waverley Knobs Boston

How To Successfully Brand Your Blog With 3 Key Ingredients

You’ve got the text content of your next blog article down! Or at least, you have some idea of what you think you might, maybe, want to write. And you intend to re-write it a few more times, just to be sure. Now what? How do you brand your blog? In other words, how can […]

creating and branding your ebook - Waverley Knobs Boston & Act-On Software

Creating your eBook and Market Engagement

What is an eBook? An eBook is, very obviously, a version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device. But what does this have to do with Marketing and Business? Many businesses have been releasing eBooks meant to engage their market, educate the readers and drive them through a […]

Boston Film Gala 2016 - Waverley Knobs Boston - Film / Video & Digital Media Company

Boston Film Gala Seeks Film Submissions and Event Sponsors

We are excited to announce our 2nd Annual Boston Film Gala. Slated for August 2016, BFG is looking for film submissions and event sponsors – in other words: YOU! BFG is a two-day event to promote & showcase local filmmakers, entertain the community & connect filmmakers to opportunities for growth. Oh yeah, did we mention […]

Mobile Marketing with Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles - Waverley Knobs Boston Video & Digital Media

Using Google AMP And Facebook Instant Articles To Improve Mobile Marketing

Both Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles are pushing ahead to improve mobile browsing. Though their intentions are slightly different, they are still accomplishing similar goals. They are both improving the mobile browsing experience by delivering web pages at extremely fast speeds. Both of these systems should be taken into account when orchestrating mobile marketing […]

YouTube Video SEO Services - Waverley Knobs Boston

YouTube Video SEO and Audio Recording: The Growth Of Our Services

We are continuously watching industry trends and listening to our clients in order to meet their needs. With such concepts in the forefront of Waverley Knobs’ considerations, we are expanding our services to provide even more digital content opportunities for brands – so that they can best share their unique story while increasing their content […]

Reliance and usage of content on mobile devices - Waverley Knobs Boston Design & Video

Why Should You Focus On Mobile-Friendly Content?

“In today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected.” – Janice H. Reinold, Rosetta Marketing To add to Janice’s quote, people are either asleep, connected or falling asleep while being connected. (I have to admit that this quote fits me more than I would like!) It is incredibly true, especially as we make mobile […]

Social Media Content Marketing - Waverley Knobs Boston Design & Video Production

What is Digital Media And How You Can Benefit

DIGITAL MEDIA: THE WHAT We come across the term digital media frequently in this new digital world but there are still many people who are not sure what specific elements comprise “digital media” or how to use them as powerful marketing assets.  The first step is to demystify the term “digital media.” Digital media is “digitized […]

Organic Valley's Real Morning Report - Waverley Knobs, Boston Video Production

Organic Balance: Real Morning Report – Video Marketing Done Right by Organic Valley

With this year’s branding buzzword seeming to be “storytelling” – Organic Valley is doing it right. Their videos are always on point, and their latest, Organic Balance: Real Morning Report, is already going viral!  It Breaks The Fourth Wall Photo courtesy of Organic Valley The actors are all talking to YOU, the audience. We no […]

Dave Gerhardt - Drift and Tech In Boston - Marketing Sales Lead - Waverley Knobs Boston

Branch-Out Podcast: Interview with Dave Gerhardt of Tech In Boston & Drift

Dave Gerhardt and Entrepreneurs We had the fantastic opportunity to interviewDave Gerhardt, Host of Tech In Boston and Marketing Lead for Drift. You want to make sure to listen to this marketing interview podcast in order to hear more about: Tech In Boston Podcast The representation of Boston Entrepreneurialism Traffic/lead generation Marketing words of wisdom […]

Video Production Reel - Waverley Knobs Boston

Boston Video Company – Waverley Knobs 2016 Production Reel

We have to admit, we are all about the second way. All of our members want to tell our clients stories in an engaging way that best represents their own very unique voice!  What does that mean for you? You will work with a premier Boston video company that wants to break the “cookie-cutter” method […]

4 Graphic & Web Design Trends of 2016

Technology, social media, and marketing trends  are constantly changing to the point where nobody can keep up. But there are many tools out there to keep you in the loop (like this helpful blog), especially for all of the graphic and web design trends!   Here are 4 graphic and web design trends of 2016 […]

5 WordPress Extensions That Boost Content Marketing Efforts

We all know that WordPress is a brilliant, multi-faceted publishing software and content management system. It is the preferred CMS for nearly 75 million websites and, since it’s open-source software, developers take full advantage of their resources to create great plug-ins, themes, and widgets.  Did you know that WordPress also has plug-ins developed specifically for […]

Trust Me - Infographic - sm

Trust: Psychology Insights To Improve Your Marketing

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”  – Stephen Covey  Trust, especially for a business, can be incredibly hard to build and can be difficult to sustain. If a company can properly use their marketing/branding though, they will be able […]

Best of: Sales Video Approaches Every Company Can Learn From!

Anyone who doesn’t have their own sales video is missing out on the opportunity to have their own commercial for a FRACTION of the cost it would take to have it displayed on TV. You have FREE ADVERTISING mediums in front of you. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and more. If I’m watching TV, I can’t type […]

Waverley Knobs

Graphic Design: 4 Tools For Quick Creative Design

We all know it’s important to have a strong visual online impact for our business. Text is nice but it can easily be drowned out and it isn’t as eye-catching as a beautiful photo or visually creative info-graphic. For large-scale projects or specific company brand collateral (ex. Logo) you should always use a professional designer […]

Boston Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Video Content - Video Marketing

BioMedical and Pharmaceutical Video Content: How Does It Impact Companies?

BioMedical and Pharmaceutical video content can overcome many daily frustrations that multiple departments of companies within these industries face. Read below to find out how it can aid in HR, marketing/sales, and investor relations.    Photo courtesy of LyndaSanchez(CC ShareALike) HR: Some challenges in this department include recruitment of top-talent, training content for both new […]

Graphic Design - Business Cards Boston

The Lost Art of the Business Card and Digital Relevancy (Graphic Design)

So we’re all pretty familiar with those fishbowl drawings at restaurants for an opportunity to receive a free lunch or catering for your company. Well those little things you are dropping into that fishbowl can do so much more than satisfying your taste buds!  Photo courtesy of Tech.Co (formerly Tech Cocktail)(CC ShareALike) Now-a-days, business cards […]

Branch-Out: The Digital Media & Marketing Podcast (Episode 13)

Branch Out [13]: The Visual Psychology Of Visual Media Everything you need to tell your and your company’s story in order to engage, empower & educate! Produced by Waverley Knobs (Video & Digital Brand Media Professionals) Hosted by Evin Charles Anderson & Tatiana Ivan As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Those […]

Video for Social Media Boston

Video For Social Media: How Video Has Changed Social Impact

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope…..the list goes on and on. All of these social media platforms are all supporting and pushing for the same type of content – Video! Most of us are all guilty of having an account with some sort of social media platform (I, especially, am guilty and have more […]

Boston Video Production

Improbable Players – A Boston video production to face the Opioid epidemic

Photo courtesy of JESSICA RINALDI/GLOBE STAFF We just recently released an important and engaging sizzler video for Improbable Players. This Boston video production is to highlight the importance this program has on students as well as to promote awareness for their current project – End Of The Line: Confronting The Opioid Epidemic. Though it is […]

Medical Device Video Marketing - Boston Video Production

Medical Device Video Marketing: What You Need to Reach Your Audience

Photo courtesy of NEC Corporation of America(CC Attribution) Honestly, I am not sure what is a longer process – reading the Apple User Agreement documentation or creating a Medical Device and getting it approved through the FDA. In all seriousness, the time from concept to market can take anywhere between 3 to 7 years! With […]