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Tatiana Ivan - Creative Partner & COO at Waverley Knobs - digital media and marketing

Tatiana Ivan

Creative Partner & COO

Tatiana combines operational prowess with creative flair to produce smart and visually stunning brands. At Waverley Knobs, she weaves powerful visuals and compelling storylines for clients, so they stand out and shine in the market.

With degrees in neuroscience and psychology from Brandeis University, plus experience working with start-ups in the biomedical and pharma industries, Tatiana knows first-hand that the most powerful way to persuade people to get behind an idea, concept or product – no matter how creative, technical or complex – is by telling a compelling story.

In addition to turning visions into reality and running the daily show at Waverley Knobs, Tatiana is a twice-published poet. She’s also a certified InsideOut® Coach, able to unlock the knowledge, skill and talent already within people and teams so they can improve performance and results. And although she hails from Romania, the land of vampires, she neither combusts nor glitters in daylight.

Evin Charles Anderson - Creative Partner & CEO at Waverley Knobs - digital media and marketing

Evin Charles Anderson

Creative Partner & CEO

For more than a decade, Evin has explored the intersection of performance, production and promotion. He’s been featured in Lifehack and CEO Blog Nation, and at Waverley Knobs, he helps clients shape, shoot and share unique and engaging brand stories that inspire action, innovation and change.

Evin’s independent, Hollywood and commercial film experience and marketing expertise means he not only knows how to visually tell a story for his clients, he knows how to position that story for real-world impact and business results.

In addition to running Waverley Knobs, Evin is a professional actor and director. His film, Paperthin, was screened at The Magwill Film Festival in California and Waverley Knobs’ short film, The Heist was featured in Examiner and MobileMovieMaker. He also teaches acting, directing and marketing classes for the City of Cambridge in Massachusetts, and is a co-creator of the Branch-Out: THE Digital Media and Marketing Podcast.

How We Work



We bring our unique, immersive cinematic and storytelling abilities to businesses and marketing teams and create compelling video and digital media content. We work with people who want to build strong customer relationships, not one-off deals. And we connect directly to our clients through active listening, detailed questions and a desire to truly comprehend their uniquely innovative voice. Then, we help craft the visuals and the messaging that speaks directly with our clients’ target market; not at them.

“If you only talk to a person’s head and not their heart, people won’t listen to you.”
– Les Brown

Some brands we've worked with.

Ocular Therapeutix Logo - Waverley Knobs Digital Design Boston
Infinx logo
Co-working and events - Waverley Knobs
edX logo - Client of Waverley Knobs Boston - Video and Digital Design
Tandon Group logo
FlexAcademies logo
HeyLook Social Media logo
Google Logo - Client of Waverley Knobs Boston - Video Production
Syrma Tech logo
Uproar logo
Teaching - Waverley Knobs
Classes and workshops - Waverley Knobs
Brand Builders logo
Atlantic Bay Contracting Logo - Client of Waverley Knobs Boston Digital Design
Cynosure Logo - Client of Waverley Knobs Boston Videography
Access Vascular Logo - Client of Waverley Knobs, Boston Digital Media Design
Eventive Logo - Client of Waverley Knobs, Boston Video Production Company


Nice things our clients say.

Elaina Pires AE Events

The event was so stunning thanks to your amazing print designs. Everything was perfectly coordinated from the posters to the tribute book, and the event honorees were so happy that their vision was able to come to life. We can’t express how grateful we are for all your hard work. We owe so much of the success to this entire event to you. Very much looking forward to having the opportunity to work with you again in the future!

Veronica Nunes Ocular Therapeutix
What I liked best about working with Waverley Knobs: quick turnover time, flexibility and clear communication, as well as artistic direction and advice. Bonus from partnering with you: satisfied Board and Management members!
Charlotte Holberry Eventive Expert Planning

Professional, friendly, and talented. As a previous marketing expert and now the owner of my own company, I understand the variety of benefits video marketing can have on a business. Waverley Knobs produced three videos for me, each targeted towards a different audience. When they showed me my edited videos, they asked if I wanted anything altered (something you rarely get asked these days). They wanted to make sure I loved the videos and I did!

Christine D. Author/speaker
Great presenters and helpful exercises. Good group of people and nice location.

Workshop: How to Use Storytelling to Rock Your Business
Ruth A. Restaurant owner
Thank you for the wonderful class the other night. You were very kind and patient for all my questions. We are a tiny business trying to survive, and the more I learn about the tools, the longer we can stay in business. You were very insightful! Many thanks again. I look forward to tapping into your experience!!

Workshop: Hootsuite
Thanks for all of your help and your patience and understanding. You've been great to work with!
Danny Mansoor Hey Look! Social Media

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