Keep Going, Entrepreneur: Mindset Over Environment

Mindset over environment - Orsus Series - Waverley Knobs

You’re an entrepreneur? Are you crazy?! You do know that over 70% of startup companies fail, right?

That little voice inside.

You may have heard similar discouraging words from someone — especially a person that thinks they’re “helping.” Or maybe it’s an internal monologue that you recite to yourself when things get rough.
Regardless of whether you’re venture-backed or bootstrapping, the largest obstacle to startup success is lack of commitment and motivation, arising from a negative mindset.
Whether working with actors or business owners, the same obstacle always rears its ugly head. We remind them that every person experiences the same exact environment very differently.
Now pay attention. This is important. Even though we all look at the same “things” — we see those “things” in different ways.
And our interpretation of the “things” stems from a magical mix of our past experiences and our present mindset.

Change your world view - Mindset over environment - Orsus Series - Waverley Knobs

Change how you view the world…

…and your world view will change.
To a point, neither individual interpretation is correct or incorrect, or more true or less valid, nor is that interpretation consistent. How we view the same “thing” can change not only day to day, but even hour to hour. And the dynamic combination of our experiences and mindset can truly impact the “reality” of the entire day.
Unfortunately, we can’t yet change our past experiences (anyone out there working on time travel?). But we can change our mindset.
When we bring in a positive (yet realistic) mindset, it can change how we act, or react, to people and situations and make a strong impact in our lives. As M. Scott Peck said,

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”

To start building and holding that value for yourself, you’ll definitely need to have a positive mindset and surround yourself with the proper motivations. With that, we’ve compiled together the top 3 videos that we know will keep your energy flowing and get you to truly appreciate your own value!
Make sure to bookmark this page and watch these videos for whenever you need that extra boost to keep you going.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated

Entrepreneur (2:12)


Good Voice, Bad Voice (The Mental Battle of an Entrepreneur)

Patrick Bet-David (6:48)


The Happy Secret to Better Work

TED talk by Shawn Achor (12:20)


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Tatiana Ivan

Originally from Romania, Tatiana Ivan combines operational prowess with creative flair to produce smart and visually stunning brands. With degrees in neuroscience and psychology from Brandeis University plus experience working with start-ups in the biomedical and pharma industries, Tatiana knows first-hand that the most powerful way to persuade people to get behind an idea, concept or product – no matter how creative, technical or complex – is by telling a compelling story. As the COO and Creative Partner of Waverley Knobs, she combines powerful cinematography and compelling storylines for clients so they stand out and shine in the market.

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