How To Successfully Brand Your Blog With 3 Key Ingredients

How To Successfully Brand Your Blog With 3 Key Ingredients

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You’ve got the text content of your next blog article down! Or at least, you have some idea of what you think you might, maybe, want to write. And you intend to re-write it a few more times, just to be sure. Now what? How do you brand your blog? In other words, how can you ensure that your blog truly stands out from the thousands of millions of blogs out there? Or even, the hundreds in your specific industry?

You differentiate your blog through branding. Years ago, branding used to mean a logo and a tagline. Today, branding is so much more! A brand is the personality behind the logo, the life behind the product, the story behind the service. So, how do you create that brand online?

You do it using our 3 key ingredients to successful blog branding, and the handy dandy mnemonic to help you remember is: YOU need to WOW ME!

Waverley Knobs - Boston MA - 3 Key Ingredients to Brand Your Blog - Authenticity or the WOW factor

Authenticity or the YOU factor

Your readers crave connection more than ever, and they want to genuinely interact with ideas and people. Think about the last blog post you read and really enjoyed. What are some elements that stood out? Was one of them originality? Compelling articles sometimes don’t need much help to become viral – and text is easily shared on a multitude of platforms.

Be mindful of your ‘voice’.
If you don’t already, make sure to give your words some personality. People seek authenticity, and writing as you, and not as who you think you should be, will instantly draw readers to your posts.

Show your passion.
Why are you even writing a blog? Tell your audience what you care about, and they will appreciate its importance, too. Or, they’ll write scathing comments (correct grammar, optional). Either way, you’ve got yourself a successful blog!

State your opinions.
See statement above. You don’t want your blog to be lost in bland-land. Blogs don’t thrive there. Find your focus and don’t be afraid to write exactly what you think. Even if your audience might be small, you’ll find that it will be engaged with your content.

Waverley Knobs - Boston MA - 3 Key Ingredients to Brand Your Blog - Help Others or the ME factor

Help Others or the ME factor

Let’s face it: most people read blogs because they want to learn something new, or are looking for tips and insights (like you, right now!), or seek specific information. And without an audience, a blog is just a bunch of words you spun out into the void. Reader interaction is vital to a successful blog, and that means you have to create content that engages your audience.

Include relevant keywords.
These keywords should be things your readers typically search for, or words that connect strongly to your brand, product or service.

Ask thought-provoking questions.
Get your audience thinking, and then offer some solutions, or pathways to answers.

Teach and influence others.
Chances are that if you maintain a blog, then you have some expert knowledge your readers might not. Capitalize on that! Thought leadership is a great way to not only teach others, but also become an influencer in your industry.

Share on social platforms.
Last, and certainly not least, make some noise! You’ve got something to say – let the world know what you think, and who you are. Social media is a great way to get more engagement and grow your reach.

Waverley Knobs - Boston MA - 3 Key Ingredients to Brand Your Blog - Visual Content or the WOW factor

Visual Content or the WOW factor

Naturally, a blog exists in the visual medium, so paying extra attention to this aspect is a must! You’re thinking – it’s just a bunch of words, though, how can I make them visually appealing? Read on, young padawan. We’ve got you covered.

Just like you, text can look feminine, ruggedly handsome, or a little bit scary. It’s all in the fonts you choose to represent your brand. Learn the differences between serif and sans-serif, test some font pairings, and get yourself at least two fonts: one for your headings and one for your paragraphs. You don’t have to stop there – adding text to your images is another place where you can get creative!

Sprinkle in relevant images.
We’ve all heard it: a picture is worth a thousand words. In your blog’s case, carefully curated photos can reinforce your topic and main points. Plus, it gives the readers’ eyes a break from all the text!

Learn about color palettes.
You don’t have to be a graphic designer to spot bad color combos when you see them. Take some time to develop your color set. What colors will your links be? What colors are your headings? How much of your color palette you borrow from your existing branding (eg. logo) is up to you – but we recommend 100%!

Use other types of media.
Between video, animation, infographics, eBooks, animated GIFs, podcasts and interactive polls … there’s enough options to keep you creating content to your heart’s … content!

To learn more about how to successfully brand your blog, make sure to check out Act-On’s forthcoming eBook, Branding and Marketing a Blog, and see what other contributors (like us!) have to say!

Waverley Knobs - Boston MA - 3 Key Ingredients to Brand Your Blog - Act-On Contributor

by Tatiana Ivan


Originally from Romania, Tatiana Ivan combines operational prowess with creative flair to produce smart and visually stunning brands. With degrees in neuroscience and psychology from Brandeis University plus experience working with start-ups in the biomedical and pharma industries, Tatiana knows first-hand that the most powerful way to persuade people to get behind an idea, concept or product – no matter how creative, technical or complex – is by telling a compelling story. As the COO and Creative Partner of Waverley Knobs, she combines powerful cinematography and compelling storylines for clients so they stand out and shine in the market.
In addition to turning visions into reality and running the daily show at Waverley Knobs, Tatiana is a twice-published poet. She’s also a certified InsideOut® Coach, able to unlock the knowledge, skill and talent already within people and teams so they can improve performance and results.
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