YouTube Video SEO and Audio Recording: The Growth Of Our Services

YouTube Video SEO and Audio Recording: The Growth Of Our Services

We are continuously watching industry trends and listening to our clients in order to meet their needs. With such concepts in the forefront of Waverley Knobs’ considerations, we are expanding our services to provide even more digital content opportunities for brands – so that they can best share their unique story while increasing their content engagement rates!

YouTube Video SEO

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<li>YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.</li>
<li>YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.</li>
Growth in viewing time on YouTube has accelerated and is up at least 50% year over year for three straight years.	</li>
<li>The number of people watching YouTube per day is up 40% y/y since March 2014.</li>
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YouTube is becoming THE place for companies to engage with their target market, whether B2C or B2B. But just as books are to be read, your video is supposed to be seen. Waverley Knobs not only will handle your video production needs from script to screen but we will also assist you with making your video easily accessible to your ideal audience!

Waverley Knobs’ YouTube SEO services will:

  • give you a complete competitor analysis that will have most popular used keywords (tags), traffic sources, social shares, engagement rates and much more!
  • optimize your titles, keywords and descriptions to best engage, increase subscriptions and drive traffic.
  • give you insight into what content is being shared on what social media platform and who is sharing it.

Save yourself time and make your video content worth the investment – click to contact us today!


Audio Recording: Podcasts, Voice-Over and Audio Blogs

We have always known about the importance of clean and crisp audio. Whether working on a video project or independent film, we have always focused on audio as a key engagement element. Now we are sharing our expertise by offering some exciting audio services for both individuals and companies!

We are teaming up with our clients to create podcasts and audio blogs to give more powerful dimensions to our clients’ content marketing strategy. We are also providing voice-over services that can be added to amplify the impact of videos and animations.

Wondering about the impact of audio content such as podcasts?

Waverley Knobs Podcast and Audio Services

  • 21% of the entire US population is engaging with podcasts.
  • Awareness of podcasting among Americans 12 years of age and older has more than doubled since 2006. Via Nielsen
  • As of 2013, Apple surpassed 1 billion subscriptions for podcasts via iTunes. Via USAToday

On-Demand-Content is becoming the next big thing (just look at what platforms such as Netflix and Hulu are doing to cable). With podcasts, people can easily multi-task, listen while traveling as well as pause and resume when convenient. There are also some powerful benefits to those creating podcasts and other audio content such as establishing Thought Leadership as well as Brand Loyalty.

With Waverley Knobs audio production services, you will receive:

  • a professional sound engineer
  • carefully crafted show intros, outros and bumpers
  • a warm and inviting recording location in Boston
  • a space adaptable to the needs of each client recording
  • eye-catching promotional content creation for audio recordings, such as photography and video of the recording, podcast/audio blog graphical design
  • and much more!

Get your voice heard correctly the first time around – click to contact us today!


by Evin Charles Anderson


For more than a decade, Evin Charles Anderson has explored the intersection of performance, production and promotion. As the CEO and Creative Partner of Waverley Knobs, featured in Lifehack and CEO Blog Nation, he helps clients shape, shoot and share unique and engaging brand stories that inspire action, innovation and change. Evin’s independent, Hollywood and commercial film experience and marketing expertise means he not only knows how to visually tell a story for his clients, he knows how to position that story for real-world impact and business results.

In addition to running Waverley Knobs, Evin is a professional actor and director, as well as co-creator of the podcast Branch Out: THE Marketing and Digital Media Podcast. He also teaches acting, directing and marketing classes for the City of Cambridge in Massachusetts. Evin’s film Paperthin has been featured at The Magwill Film Festival in California, and Waverley Knobs’ short film, The Heist, has been featured in Examiner and MobileMovieMaker.

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