4 Graphic & Web Design Trends of 2016

4 Graphic & Web Design Trends of 2016

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Technology, social media, and marketing trends  are constantly changing to the point where nobody can keep up. But there are many tools out there to keep you in the loop (like this helpful blog), especially for all of the graphic and web design trends!  

Here are 4 graphic and web design trends of 2016 in the graphic and web design world that you might be seeing or are curious to try out yourself!  

Hamburger menus (aka Hidden menus) 

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You’ll see them in the corner on sites with large photo backgrounds, and minimalist styles. They are good for mobile, a little awkward for desktop. Nonetheless, many people like using them to reduce clutter on a webpage. At the end of the day, easily navigable websites are the key to keeping viewers engaged. 

So if you think your hamburger menu might be confusing or hard to navigate on your site, ditch it for a traditional top level categories list. You can determine where people are leaving your site by using tools  like crazyegg.com or usabilitytools.com.  That way, if you see that traffic is dipping out and not hitting all the tabs in your hamburger menu, try using top level to see if that generates different results!

  • Pros: reduces clutter, good for mobile
  • Cons: Confusing for some users, certain tabs might be overlooked if they aren’t always there to see like on a top level list

Flat design 

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Photo courtesy of Travis Isaacs(CC Attribution)

It is becoming more prevalent as a graphic and web design trend. Think minimalism. Think Google and Verizon’s new logos. They eliminated the highlighting, shadows, depth, and dimensionality. What good comes of this you ask? 

This link will give you 50 website examples that use it for their interface. 

Some people think flat design creates more homogeneity in the website world. Others think it is easier to take in and doesn’t distract from other important elements. Flat design puts emphasis on color and decluttering to bring more attention to content. 

Find out more about the pros and cons of the opposite of flat design, skeuomorphic design! 

  • Pros: trending, a clean and organized look.
  • Cons: can create confusion i.e. buttons don’t stand out from non-clickable content, looks like everyone else’s designs, homogenous

Photo overlays

Web Design Trends and Graphic Design Trends 2016 - Waverley Knobs Boston

Photo courtesy of Nick Kenrick.(CC Attribution)

We have all seen them. An inspiring quote over a photo of a sunset over a mountain (insert digital tears). This trend won’t fade anytime soon I don’t expect because it combines moving visuals with moving text. The key is using a high quality, engaging photo but something that doesn’t distract and take away from the actual text. 

Usually photo overlays are used in social media since they are more likely to be shared and enjoyed vs solely posting text (Ghandi’s words just aren’t as meaningful without an ocean photo behind them)

This design is used on website interfaces as well as you can see here

  • Pros: shared more on social media, more engaging than text 
  • Cons: sometimes cheesy 


Web Design Trends and Graphic Design Trends - Waverley Knobs Boston

Photo courtesy of Ian Muttoo(CC ShareALike)

They will always be a major part of design aesthetic as trends come and go. It’s amazing what type of font people respond to. It could make or break your site. If it’s too tight and condensed, people won’t read it. If it’s too cursive, people will skip it (unless used in small quantities). Let’s focus on the biggest trend in fonts and see what it emulates. 

Think Pinterest and current weddings. What font comes to mind? You’ve seen it everywhere and it goes by the term Sweet Peony with similar types gaining popularity, such as Berrylicious! 

Web Design Trends - Boston Graphic and Web Design - Waverley Knobs

This script, handwritten style is popular and nearly ubiquitous in the wedding world and especially on blogs! 

It isn’t used for paragraphs since that would be a turn off to read. But it makes for an eye catching, feminine, and slightly laissez faire style but with a touch of high end class. It’s important to find mixes of fonts that work well together because you don’t want to use the same one all over the board. There are many websites where you can download free fonts to add to your Word collection. 

  • Pros: appeals to certain demographics based on style 
  • Cons: if used by everyone, becomes overdone

There you have it folks. A quick synopsis of the trends so far this year. We’ll keep you posted on the next trends in design and let you know who falls behind and ends up in digital hell! 

Want to know more about graphic and web design?

Click this link to listen to our podcast specifically on design! 

by Ana Nenshati

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