5 WordPress Extensions That Boost Content Marketing Efforts

5 WordPress Extensions That Boost Content Marketing Efforts

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We all know that WordPress is a brilliant, multi-faceted publishing software and content management system. It is the preferred CMS for nearly 75 million websites and, since it’s open-source software, developers take full advantage of their resources to create great plug-ins, themes, and widgets. 

Did you know that WordPress also has plug-ins developed specifically for content marketing? There are plenty of options out there, some not as great as others- but the possibility for greatness and finding effective plug-ins is always there waiting for you.  Below, we’ve compiled a list of four WordPress extensions that help with marketing efforts, because who doesn’t want a good kick start to their business and/or website exposure?

Editorial Calendar

WordPress doesn’t make it easy to see when your posts are scheduled. The Editorial Calendar plug-in gives you an overview of your content, and schedules posts ahead of time quickly and smoothly. What’s more, you can edit posts right in the calendar, drag posts to different dates, manage multiple authors- the list goes on. If you are looking for efficiency, organization, and management, then you have found the right plug-in for yourself. At the time of writing this article, the Editorial Calendar has 4.8 stars.

The WordPress Editorial Calendar Screen Cast from Zack Grossbart on Vimeo.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is primarily used for, you guessed it- maximizing SEO. This powerful little plug-in optimizes your WordPress site for SEO, and is the most complete WordPress SEO plug-in that exists today for WordPress- so all you stressed-out entrepreneurs and blog-builders can lead a happier, less-stressed existence. Yoast SEO specializes in assessing content and checking that said content aligns with current SEO best practices- simple and effective content marketing at its finest! 

The page analysis functionality protects against common mistakes. It automatically detects common oversights, ensuring the SEO integrity of each post. With over 1 million active installs, this popular plug-in additionally permits you to edit meta information in bulk- perfect for indexing and de-indexing large portions of your web content. 

The base plug-in features are vast, and it’s premium features go even further: a video SEO module for sites looking to optimize their video for search results, a local SEO module for sites that compete in the Google Maps system, and the SEO Video Manual plug-in that includes training & instruction videos for editors & the admin section, respectively. 

Installing and activating WordPress SEO by Yoast from Zak Cagaros on Vimeo.


Zedity is a creative editor that enables you to create excellent content with a flexible user interface, surpassing the standard WordPress visual editor. You don’t need to understand coding on any level, as it relies upon drag and drop functionality. Zedity has stated that this plug-in is where “…100% pure visual content creation becomes a reality.”  You can move your content quickly and easily around the page, and is helpful if you have larger amounts of graphic content (images, infographics, videos) on your website. 

Zedity is a great tool for content marketing, and brings professional content organization/creation/optimization to all. This interface gives you more design freedom than the average editor. At the time of writing this article, it clocks in at around 200,000 downloads. The plug-in is available in many languages, and invites language-savvy users to chip in and help translate this plug-in into other languages.

Image Inject (FKA “WP Inject”)

The ImageInject plug-in quickly and simply puts images into your WordPress posts. You can explore a list of over a million images for free, from Pixabay to Flickr. It even inserts photo attribution automatically, uploads the photo to your WordPress media library, and adds all the title and alt tags. You can literally add an image or entire gallery of images, with correct photo attribution, titles, and tags- all in mere minutes. At the time of this article, it has a 4.9 star rating.

Presentation of The Inject Plugin from Netcodes on Vimeo.


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