Best of: Sales Video Approaches Every Company Can Learn From!

Anyone who doesn’t have their own sales video is missing out on the opportunity to have their own commercial for a FRACTION of the cost it would take to have it displayed on TV. You have FREE ADVERTISING mediums in front of you. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and more. If I’m watching TV, I can’t type into my rubbery remote #bostonhotel and get sent to a commercial showing off a Boston hotel.  

So what’s the next best thing? A place where you can literally do that! Online social platforms are not for people to just talk about Kim K on. They are for businesses to attract attention, for individuals to acquire a following, and for serious political conversations to occur. The power of social media, mixed with a proper sales video, is extremely underestimated, especially by businesses. But they are catching on little by little…

In this article, you’ll have fun with samples that aren’t afraid to be different and rid off the typical approach to sales video. 

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But let’s start with some inspiration, shall we? We’ll highlight some important characteristics your future sales video should embrace:

1. Humor

This is a Real Estate video using the power of humor. The lesson here is don’t take yourself too seriously, especially in situations where it’s unexpected.  People love to be thrown off and surprised. I love this video and the juxtaposition of uptight luxury + an incredibly funny and sometimes crass host. It surprises us and is so refreshing. It shows the property off while keeping the viewer entertained, thus retaining their attention longer. 

2. Teach, Don’t Sell

…lessons by Birchbox. Your customer is most likely in over their heads doing other things and doesn’t want to do all the work before making a decision. As an empathetic sales person, you’ll realize that your video is supposed to make purchasing decisions easier for them. Think Bill Nye. Informative, creative, educational. Be like Bill Nye.

I’m not a beauty aficionado because I have no clue how to look cute. But services like Birchbox are smart because instead of just selling their products directly (think Covergirl trying to reel you in with Katy Perry’s big eyes flaunting the latest mascara..god how many are there!), they show you how to use them to create that need.  They  send a box full of beauty products to you once a month and want their customers to know what to do. They put THEIR CUSTOMERS FIRST, knowing that they want to feel comfortable and in control while using their products! This video makes me feel more comfortable purchasing a product like that knowing that I will have the ability to use them properly and they won’t be a waste of money!

Athena Health is a leading provider of network-enabled services for electronic health records (EHR), plus more! In this video they have identified a problem people are experiencing and are having fun with it. And they did it in 30 seconds. Athena Health just recently came out with this collection of videos and a new slogan, “Let Doctors be Doctors” to promote their patient management tech services. I can’t tell you how much I love these videos. They’re catchy, hilarious, and make me want to learn more. This is the intro video but there are more. Good work Athena!  

And I can’t not include our promo video! Rather than highlight our company and what is special about us, we provide you the information you need to know about the growth of video marketing. If you don’t know how important it is, then you won’t understand the value behind a well produced video. That will render us useless to you! By trying to keep you in the loop, using information from third parties as well, our video affectively conveys why you should invest into video. 

3. Inspire, Inspire, Inspire

If you have something that is changing lives, highlight those stories. It’s beautiful, it’s progressive, it makes the world a better place. Inspirational and humorous are the two most popular characteristics of viral videos. This is how Resilient Coders does it in Boston.  

Be different but be yourself. When you think recruitment video, you don’t expect this. But it’s still effective because it shows the company team having fun. It’s unexpected, endearing, and gives off a relaxed culture that can still attract someone that isn’t afraid to have a good time with their team.

Be poetic. A strong, moving script that is unique and gives off the emotion of what you would bring your audience is very effective. This hotel does a short little film centered around love. It shows off the hotel’s amenities a little bit but more so tries to connect with the demographic it is looking to speak to via this story.

This is of a hotel in Boston using a team member of the hotel to convey how the hotel will personalize your experience. With storytelling, and artistic filming, it emotes the luxury of the hotel, the class of the concierges, and their dedication to making your experience personal and unique. 

by Ana Nenshati

Ana is a nerdy film fanatic since 3rd grade and finally embraced acting and film work at the age of 23. Her favorite films are The Lord of the Rings and she relies heavily on them to up her spirits on gloomy days. She loves the power of a good story that spreads empathy and hopes to create beautiful stories as well as help others do so too.

Her life has been a series of eclectic stories, including running a farm in Costa Rica whilst surrounded by giant spiders daily, opening  a boutique with her mother, working at a State Park with wild horses running amock, and getting her scuba license when she was 13. Originally from Albania, Ana is passionate about different cultures and world issues. Through her Content Engagement Executive role at Waverley Knobs, she hopes to tell the stories that haven’t been heard yet.