Graphic Design: 4 Tools For Quick Creative Design

Graphic Design: 4 Tools For Quick Creative Design

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We all know it’s important to have a strong visual online impact for our business. Text is nice but it can easily be drowned out and it isn’t as eye-catching as a beautiful photo or visually creative info-graphic.

For large-scale projects or specific company brand collateral (ex. Logo) you should always use a professional designer but there are a few situations where that may not be a possibility. For example, you may be an entrepreneur, on a shoestring budget, that doesn’t have the capital to invest into a graphic designer. The other reason could be that your company is just looking for quick and basic graphic design for social media posts.

For those of you who fall into one of those categories, we have compiled a list of 4 great online tools that you can utilize! 


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  • They have millions of images that you can use in your designs.
  • There are several photo filters you can use when editing photos.
  • They have a lot of free icons and shapes that you can incorporate into your designs.
  • You are given access to a fair amount of fonts to give your words some real flair.
  • Stores all of your designs online so you don’t have to worry about where to store your designs once you’ve finished.
  • They also provide you with several layout options and design dimensions based on the design use.

2.     Pablo by Buffer

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  • Easy to create images with text.
  • You can upload your own images or use a few of their sample images/backgrounds.
  • They have nice basic editing functions for the images and the typography of the textual information that you provide.
  • You can easily download the image, once you are finished, and easily save it to your computer.
  • It connects seamlessly to Buffer in order for you to schedule that image as your next social posting.


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  • You can easily edit photos with such features as a blemish removal and teeth whitening.
  • They provide you with a flexible collage layout for creating fun image collages for such platforms as Instagram and Facebook.
  • They make it easy to upload photos by giving you the ability to pull your images directly from places like Dropbox, Flickr and Facebook.
  • You are also given an easy-to-use editor to add on text and shapes to further enhance your image.


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  • You can input any quote or bit of information you want and it will generate several options of backgrounds/typography pairings that you can choose from.
  • They have social buttons that make it simple to share it to any social platform that you have an account with.
  • It is very handy for inspirational quotes, which are immensely popular on social media, or quoting your CEO about the company’s philosophy.

These tools are great for creating simple and quick engaging content to share out to your target audience. BUT (and there is always a but) even though these tools exist, there are several reasons why these don’t outright replace a good professional graphic designer.

Here are 3 main points to think about:

  1. These tools still take time to learn, time to plan out the design you want and to implement. If you are someone who always has his or her schedule full, these may not be feasible.
  2. Even though there are some great functions provided, they still do not 100% match to the power and functions available in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.
  3. The images that these tools provide to you are also provided to everyone else using them. This means that there could be other companies (even competitors) who will be releasing very similar looking content to yours. This can detract from your brand and the messaging you are attempting to share with your audience.

In the end, these tools give your company a nice creative balance within ever-fluctuating situations that arise.

What are you waiting for? Start creating!

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by Evin Charles Anderson


For more than a decade, Evin Charles Anderson has explored the intersection of performance, production and promotion. As the CEO and Creative Partner of Waverley Knobs, featured in Lifehack and CEO Blog Nation, he helps clients shape, shoot and share unique and engaging brand stories that inspire action, innovation and change. Evin’s independent, Hollywood and commercial film experience and marketing expertise means he not only knows how to visually tell a story for his clients, he knows how to position that story for real-world impact and business results.

In addition to running Waverley Knobs, Evin is a professional actor and director, as well as co-creator of the podcast Branch Out: THE Marketing and Digital Media Podcast. He also teaches acting, directing and marketing classes for the City of Cambridge in Massachusetts. Evin’s film Paperthin has been featured at The Magwill Film Festival in California, and Waverley Knobs’ short film, The Heist, has been featured in Examiner and MobileMovieMaker.

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