BioMedical and Pharmaceutical Video Content: How Does It Impact Companies?

BioMedical and Pharmaceutical Video Content: How Does It Impact Companies?

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BioMedical and Pharmaceutical video content can overcome many daily frustrations that multiple departments of companies within these industries face. Read below to find out how it can aid in HR, marketing/sales, and investor relations. 


Boston BioMedical and Pharmaceutical Video Content

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Some challenges in this department include recruitment of top-talent, training content for both new and continuing employees, and reducing turnover.  Can BioMedical and Pharmaceutical video content assist in alleviating these pain-points? Absolutely! 

  • Recruitment videos that show the culture, employees, and mission of the company will help attract proper candidates. Some videos even show the surrounding area/town for out-of-state candidates to assist them in making their decision.
  • Culture/testimonial videos of why your employees like working at the company can create a sense of community and also help attract the right candidates.
  • Current and new employees will benefit from compliance training videos on learning complex computer programs, new technologies, as well as sudden policy changes. Old training methods can be long and tedious and creating/updating courses is expensive and time consuming! The benefit of video is that you can use analytics to see where people might be dropping off. This will help your company decide what information isn’t being absorbed, why employees aren’t finding it useful, and so on. It’s more efficient as it addresses the issues that need to be paid attention to.
  • Research can develop quickly, thus necessitating the need for proper training. Video is the most effective method because it can be edited easier than other methods of retention.
  • Company policy in lengthy paperwork is often overlooked. If your company is having issues with new employees not understanding certain policies, a video covering the company’s expectations will be more effective than just a company rulebook.

Company Profile For Brand Awareness, 

Marketing, & Investor Relations:

Like many industries, the rhetoric behind health and life sciences can get very complex. 

  • Videos can overcome this learning curve by using visuals and a broken down but informative script. Even complex molecular level studies can be easily understood with vivid animations.

  • A company profile will get everyone on the same page. With video, you can connect your workforce using a cohesive message communicated to all departments. Not to mention, employees love being part of videos!

  • A well done company profile video will speak much more than text or photographs ever can. Your investors, target market, and stakeholders will learn who you are and feel a more human connection by seeing the faces behind your brand.

Boston BioMedical and Pharmaceutical Video Content

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Content and Educational Creation for Consumers:

Many companies have their own YouTube page with helpful tips and information in video format!

  • By producing educational content, health industries can connect to consumers and their audience in a more trustworthy way. Transparency is essential in today’s business market. 

Example: Here is the YouTube page for Amgen. 

Sales and Marketing:

  • BioMedical and Pharmaceutical video content can be shown to a client so they feel more comfortable and more likely to make a decision having not only the sales team’s word. Think of if you are presenting your product to doctors. They are busy and probably not excited about meeting another sales rep during their busy day. They will be much more likely to pursue your product after viewing a well done video that condenses the information into an easily understandable form.  You will gain far more engagement this way because they can choose to absorb your information at their own pace.  They will be better informed, patients will be cared for more effectively, and everyone will be happy! 

Boston BioMedical and Pharmaceutical Video Content

  • Manhattan Research found that physicians spend 180 minutes a week watching online videos for professional purposes.
  • Companies are often channeling out several products. Having a consistent video team that knows your brand to produce explainer/demo videos can make things far more efficient and effective for tight timelines. 

Want an example of  a video that raises brand awareness for a company?

Here is a promotional video we just filmed with one of our team members, Ana Nenshati, as she talks about the impact of video for your business and how we can tell your engaging story!

by Ana Nenshati

Ana is a nerdy film fanatic since 3rd grade and finally embraced acting and film work at the age of 23. Her favorite films are The Lord of the Rings and she relies heavily on them to up her spirits on gloomy days. She loves the power of a good story that spreads empathy and hopes to create beautiful stories as well as help others do so too.

Her life has been a series of eclectic stories, including running a farm in Costa Rica whilst surrounded by giant spiders daily, opening  a boutique with her mother, working at a State Park with wild horses running amock, and getting her scuba license when she was 13. Originally from Albania, Ana is passionate about different cultures and world issues. Through her Content Engagement Executive role at Waverley Knobs, she hopes to tell the stories that haven’t been heard yet. 

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