4 Graphic & Web Design Trends of 2016

Technology, social media, and marketing trends  are constantly changing to the point where nobody can keep up. But there are many tools out there to keep you in the loop (like this helpful blog), especially for all of the graphic and web design trends!   Here are 4 graphic and web design trends of 2016 […]

5 WordPress Extensions That Boost Content Marketing Efforts

We all know that WordPress is a brilliant, multi-faceted publishing software and content management system. It is the preferred CMS for nearly 75 million websites and, since it’s open-source software, developers take full advantage of their resources to create great plug-ins, themes, and widgets.  Did you know that WordPress also has plug-ins developed specifically for […]

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Trust: Psychology Insights To Improve Your Marketing

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”  – Stephen Covey  Trust, especially for a business, can be incredibly hard to build and can be difficult to sustain. If a company can properly use their marketing/branding though, they will be able […]

Branding Your YouTube Channel: What You Need To Know

Branding Your YouTube Channel: What You Need To Know

Before you even thinking about posting your first video to YouTube, it is important that your channel page best represents what want it to represent. It doesn’t matter whether you are an actor, restaurant, hotel, medical device company or non-profit: you have 10 seconds to impress. Part 1 of 2.

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Graphic Design: 4 Tools For Quick Creative Design

We all know it’s important to have a strong visual online impact for our business. Text is nice but it can easily be drowned out and it isn’t as eye-catching as a beautiful photo or visually creative info-graphic. For large-scale projects or specific company brand collateral (ex. Logo) you should always use a professional designer […]

Boston Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Video Content - Video Marketing

BioMedical and Pharmaceutical Video Content: How Does It Impact Companies?

BioMedical and Pharmaceutical video content can overcome many daily frustrations that multiple departments of companies within these industries face. Read below to find out how it can aid in HR, marketing/sales, and investor relations.    Photo courtesy of LyndaSanchez(CC ShareALike) HR: Some challenges in this department include recruitment of top-talent, training content for both new […]