Branch-Out: The Digital Media & Marketing Podcast (Episode 13)

Branch-Out: The Digital Media & Marketing Podcast (Episode 13)

Branch Out [13]: The Visual Psychology Of Visual Media

Everything you need to tell your and your company’s story in order to engage, empower & educate!

Produced by Waverley Knobs (Video & Digital Brand Media Professionals) Hosted by Evin Charles Anderson & Tatiana Ivan

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Those thousand words tell the story of your company, its’ work ethic, industry authority and so much more! It is not only important to have strong graphic and web design but also understand the elements that make it successful in the first place.

Tatiana puts on her design hat while pulling from her history of psychology to talk to us more on facets to better understand the psychology of digital visual media and how they affect the overall message of a company.

Marketing Podcast - Boston Graphic Design - Serif Font

Font – I Didn’t Shoot The Serif

– What are Serif Fonts

– Fonts without the little ‘feet’ are easier to see on small screens and seem more modern

– Types of Fonts 

– Know Sans fonts. Ex. Open Sans (nice shape/people use it. Why people use it. Easier to read) 

– Negative of Sans Serif fonts

– When do Serif fonts work?

Marketing Podcast - Boston Design - Green

Photo courtesy of jinkazamah(CC Attribution)

Green – The Unofficial Primary Color

– Why nature impacts this and amounts of shades we see

– People can see more variations of green than any other color; and each shade provides a different meaning

– Why colors like brown, red or blue don’t stand out as much

– Fun fact: 49 shades of green exist with Crayola Crayons

Valuable Original Content - Marketing Podcast - Boston

Photo courtesy of 10ch(CC Attribution)

Crowd Sourced Content

– Visual media exists to engage people, so why not have your audience create the content for you? This is a popular trend on social media

– Hotels and Instagram

– Company contests (restaurants do this a lot. Ex. Bon Me – support domestic violence victims) 

– Gain more authority because people are engaging with your brand directly

– Showing product use in multiple ways without spending

Marketing Podcast - Boston Web Design

Photo courtesy of Johnny does(CC Attribution)

Responsive Design

– Mobile Friendly (Resizing / keeping format & general structure / layout using space correctly / keep things modern & fresh)

– Shows professionalism, being up to date, that you think about customers & how they interact with you 

– Still controls where viewer focuses and travels to on website

BONUS: Google – Links and navbars (DIV wraps etc). Classification for Google to understand and refer to your site correctly

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