Video For Social Media: How Video Has Changed Social Impact

Video For Social Media: How Video Has Changed Social Impact

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope…..the list goes on and on. All of these social media platforms are all supporting and pushing for the same type of content – Video!

Most of us are all guilty of having an account with some sort of social media platform (I, especially, am guilty and have more accounts than I know what to do with). We love the draw social media has because even if you are not a fan of sharing your own information, we are naturally inquisitive about other people, places and things. Social media is a fantastic way of satisfying this inquisitiveness but how that information is delivered is a hot topic. Most social media platforms realize that the most engaging way of sharing content is through video. 

We, as individuals, and those who run these social media platforms understand as well as clearly see the importance. Unfortunately, as soon as we put on our business hats, we tend to throw this common knowledge out of the window. 

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Just think about these important factors that supports what we already know as individuals: 

  • 300 hours worth of video content is pushed to YouTube every minute
  • Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views
  • Facebook generates 8 billion video views per day
  • More than 50% of people who visit Facebook in the US every day watch at least one video
  • Snapchat has over 2 billion video views a day

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Keep in mind that just because we are talking about video for social media, it doesn’t mean this doesn’t affect you if you are a B2B company – it does! Not only is your target contact on these social platforms (though potentially using it for personal use) but if you can answer a pain point of theirs, they will investigate further. Also, as the social media phenomenon has been exponentially growing, so has the concept of industry specific platforms. 

Such examples are:

If you are still not convinced – go ahead and do a search for your industry. Go to Google. Now type in your industry and click the ‘Video’ tab. See what comes up as well as how many pop up. These are people getting seen first…before you! 

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Isn’t time to get the attention your brand deserves?

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by Evin Charles Anderson


For more than a decade, Evin Charles Anderson has explored the intersection of performance, production and promotion. As the CEO and Creative Partner of Waverley Knobs, featured in Lifehack and CEO Blog Nation, he helps clients shape, shoot and share unique and engaging brand stories that inspire action, innovation and change. Evin’s independent, Hollywood and commercial film experience and marketing expertise means he not only knows how to visually tell a story for his clients, he knows how to position that story for real-world impact and business results.

In addition to running Waverley Knobs, Evin is a professional actor and director, as well as co-creator of the podcast Branch Out: THE Marketing and Digital Media Podcast. He also teaches acting, directing and marketing classes for the City of Cambridge in Massachusetts. Evin’s film Paperthin has been featured at The Magwill Film Festival in California, and Waverley Knobs’ short film, The Heist, has been featured in Examiner and MobileMovieMaker.

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