Improbable Players – A Boston video production to face the Opioid epidemic

Boston Video Production - Improbable Players - Massachusetts Opioid Addiction


We just recently released an important and engaging sizzler video for Improbable Players. This Boston video production is to highlight the importance this program has on students as well as to promote awareness for their current project – End Of The Line: Confronting The Opioid Epidemic. Though it is a heavy topic, their performance is much needed, especially after looking at these staggering numbers presented in this 2015 Boston Globe article.

Below is also a graph to show the Opioid-Related Overdoses from January 2014 – June 2015 just in Massachusetts.  

Boston Video Production - Massachusetts Opioid Epidemic

Here is more information on the project: 

Improbable Players use applied theater to develop educational plays designed to get audiences talking about the issues. All of the young actors are in long-term recovery. Each program is accompanied by a booklet with pre and post questions for discussion, writing prompts, and q&a guides for each scene. This 45 minute play is suitable for middle school, high school and college.

View the official Improbable Players video footage below: