Video Marketing: 5 Tools to Track Your Video’s ROI

Video Marketing: 5 Tools to Track Your Video’s ROI

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Video Marketing - Boston Video Production - Marketing Tools

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Throughout your searches on the ‘Google Machine’ I can only imagine that when you did your research for Video Marketing, you came across headlines and search terms such as: 

  • Is there an ROI for video?
  • How can you track the ROI of video marketing?
  • Analyzing the ROI of Video Marketing
  • Is video worth it? 

I have to admit that my favorites thus far have been: 

  • Video Marketing – The Next Big Thing
  • 73% of B2B Marketers Say Video Impacts Marketing ROI 
  • 64% of consumers buy a product after watching a video 

But how do these marketers actually know the affects video had on their marketing campaigns? Well they used tools, such as the ones below to gauge metrics and prove the impact. 

5 Video Marketing Tools 

Video Marketing - Boston Video Production - Video ROI Tools

Oracle’s Eloqua – 

A marketing automation platform that can capture a multitude of marketing measurements including traffic, the generation of qualified sales leads and much more for your next marketing and video marketing campaign.

Video Marketing - Boston Video Production - Video ROI Tools

Facebook Ads – 

By directly uploading your video into a Facebook Ad, you will be able to measure the number of impressions, click rate, the placement that received the most involvement and the specifics of the audience who viewed your video. With the about of information that Facebook has at their disposal, you will get fantastic data to to not only see the results of your video marketing but how it can be improved upon over time. 

Video Marketing - Boston Video Production - Video ROI Tools

Vimeo & Youtube – 

Both have great analytics that are entirely free in order to see how your video is performing. You can view such statistics as number of views, average view duration, geographic location and gender of the viewers and traffic sources. Our favorite aspects of Vimeo and Youtube are the ability comment and “Like” a video. This will give you direct feedback from your ideal target audience on how they were engaged and how they viewed your content.  This also keeps things very ‘social’ so you can respond to them directly and continue to build your customer relationships. 

Video Marketing - Boston Video Production - Video ROI Tools

Wistia – 

Wistia has an assortment of plans that will not only make hosting your video simple but they also supply advanced marketing tools to track engagement while including CTAs and even email capture. You can start things off for free (everyone’s favorite word) by having up to 25 of your videos hosted. Even though you do not receive all of the great marketing tools in the basic package, you now have your videos being hosted outside of your website in order to keep your website running faster while still having more storage space available to you! 

Love knowing the tools but still need a video?

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by Evin Charles Anderson


For more than a decade, Evin Charles Anderson has explored the intersection of performance, production and promotion. As the CEO and Creative Partner of Waverley Knobs, featured in Lifehack and CEO Blog Nation, he helps clients shape, shoot and share unique and engaging brand stories that inspire action, innovation and change. Evin’s independent, Hollywood and commercial film experience and marketing expertise means he not only knows how to visually tell a story for his clients, he knows how to position that story for real-world impact and business results.

In addition to running Waverley Knobs, Evin is a professional actor and director, as well as co-creator of the podcast Branch Out: THE Marketing and Digital Media Podcast. He also teaches acting, directing and marketing classes for the City of Cambridge in Massachusetts. Evin’s film Paperthin has been featured at The Magwill Film Festival in California, and Waverley Knobs’ short film, The Heist, has been featured in Examiner and MobileMovieMaker.

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