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The Lost Art of the Business Card and Digital Relevancy (Graphic Design)

So we’re all pretty familiar with those fishbowl drawings at restaurants for an opportunity to receive a free lunch or catering for your company. Well those little things you are dropping into that fishbowl can do so much more than satisfying your taste buds!  Photo courtesy of Tech.Co (formerly Tech Cocktail)(CC ShareALike) Now-a-days, business cards […]

Branch-Out: The Digital Media & Marketing Podcast (Episode 13)

Branch Out [13]: The Visual Psychology Of Visual Media Everything you need to tell your and your company’s story in order to engage, empower & educate! Produced by Waverley Knobs (Video & Digital Brand Media Professionals) Hosted by Evin Charles Anderson & Tatiana Ivan As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Those […]

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Video For Social Media: How Video Has Changed Social Impact

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope…..the list goes on and on. All of these social media platforms are all supporting and pushing for the same type of content – Video! Most of us are all guilty of having an account with some sort of social media platform (I, especially, am guilty and have more […]

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Improbable Players – A Boston video production to face the Opioid epidemic

Photo courtesy of JESSICA RINALDI/GLOBE STAFF We just recently released an important and engaging sizzler video for Improbable Players. This Boston video production is to highlight the importance this program has on students as well as to promote awareness for their current project – End Of The Line: Confronting The Opioid Epidemic. Though it is […]

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Medical Device Video Marketing: What You Need to Reach Your Audience

Photo courtesy of NEC Corporation of America(CC Attribution) Honestly, I am not sure what is a longer process – reading the Apple User Agreement documentation or creating a Medical Device and getting it approved through the FDA. In all seriousness, the time from concept to market can take anywhere between 3 to 7 years! With […]

Video Marketing: 5 Tools to Track Your Video’s ROI

Photo courtesy of Risager(CC ShareALike) Throughout your searches on the ‘Google Machine’ I can only imagine that when you did your research for Video Marketing, you came across headlines and search terms such as:  Is there an ROI for video? How can you track the ROI of video marketing? Analyzing the ROI of Video Marketing […]

How Boston Artists ‘Stand Up’ to Violence

‘Stand Up’ Featured On WBZ! The ‘Stand Up’ music video was launched a few weeks ago and it is getting amazing praise! We recently had an interview with Jordan Rich, of WBZ, and spoke to him about the song/music video as well as the importance of the arts when facing tragedies (mp3 via Soundcloud).  The ‘Stand […]

What Makes a Mobile-Friendly Website? (Don’t succumb to Jellied Moose Nose)

Here is the scenario: You’re traveling and in need of a restaurant. You are starving, the stomach is roaring, Jellied Moose Nose is starting to sound good (oh yes, it exists) and the only cure is some amazing Thai. You reveal your savior, this amazing thing called a mobile device.  With the speed of a […]

Top 10 Tips for Making Your Company Video

Top 10 Tips For Making Your Company Video

A poorly produced company video will only hurt your business. But a company video is an important investment – if done right. Read our tips on how to achieve a professional and creative video for your business.