Digital Video Marketing – 5 Ways a Restaurant Can Benefit From a Culture Video

Digital Video Marketing – 5 Ways a Restaurant Can Benefit From a Culture Video

In Groundwork (Episode 2), we talked about storytelling elements and the different types of videos businesses should be utilizing for brand marketing and one of the videos we covered was the culture video. Companies may decide a culture video is right for them for a variety of reasons: offering an inside look into their business or as a way to creatively tell their story without explicitly advertising. The restaurant business is tough and filled with plenty of pain points.  

Here are 5 ways restaurants can overcome these issues with digital video marketing by cooking up a culture video. 

Need to be Unique

According to the NRA (no, not THAT NRA – it’s the National Restaurant Association) there are over 15,000 places to eat and drink in Massachusetts. The quality of the food, service, and décor is no longer enough to show people what makes one establishment different from another and, with a market of that size, it’s imperative for restaurant owners to find a way to stick out. A culture video is an excellent way for restaurateurs to showcase their unique flair. Culture videos offer the audience a glance at the atmosphere and can also be used to highlight how the staff interacts with customers. 

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Turnover Rate

The turnover rate for restaurants fluctuates year to year but typically remains above 60%. The time and resources it takes to continually train new employees hurts growth and profits and also affects the overall flow of day-to-day operations. Of course, there are many factors that play into turnover rates but a culture video can help a restaurant provide transparency to potential employees. By showing people what it’s like to work at their establishment, restaurant owners can weed out the people whom don’t fit into their culture and attract only the best candidates.

Digital Video Marketing - Boston Restaurants

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Save Money

Saving money is always a good thing and is especially important for business owners. Most restaurants fail within the first year due to lack of hospitality and culinary experience but restaurant owners can also be inexperienced in how they spend money. Print ads are an easy outlet for restaurant owners to spread the word and they often come with a cheaper initial price but the cost of continually purchasing more space could potentially bleed a business dry. To save money, restaurant owners are much better served by investing in a culture video. These videos have greater lasting power, a broader reach, and can be shared for free via the restaurant’s homepage, social media, or email.

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Customer Loyalty

According to, restaurant customers in The Big Apple are 4X more loyal than customers in Beantown. Does that mean New York has better places to eat than Boston? Absolutely not! Customer loyalty says a lot about a restaurant and a culture video is a great way to ensure people return. A video can help remind people what they loved about your restaurant and persuade them to come back. Customers won’t become loyal willingly and it’s up to restaurant owners to create the trust and foster the relationship.

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Update Digital Appearance

There’s nothing worse than finding a restaurant with an outdated – or non-existent – website. Whether it’s fair or not, people make their first impression based on websites and will question whether the food and service will be equally as stale. A culture video can help dispel any of these preconceived notions by updating the digital appearance. Utilizing videos on social media will engage the millennial audience and culture videos will breathe new life by boosting the SEO of any existing website.

Digital Video Marketing - Boston Restaurants

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Want to know more?

Not sure if digital video marketing is right for you? Are there other concerns facing your restaurant? Let us know what you think! Waverley Knobs offers a free, 45-minute consultation to figure out how a video can make sure your business isn’t just another tree in the forest.

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