Content Marketing for Pharma Companies

Content Marketing for Pharma Companies

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Pharmaceutical companies, like all other industries, have to recognize the importance of content marketing to keep up with today’s changing methods of consumer engagement. 

Here are 3 fields to cover in your content marketing and how video complements them. 

1. Needs-based Customer Recognition

Direct-to-consumer marketing is on the rise but has to come in a more educational and needs based method than the cartoon ads you see on TV. As consumers reject ads that interrupt as well as venture away from traditional cable, it’s harder for companies to attract their attention. Videos online have to do the job on the customer’s own time and address their needs. This can be done through video covering the companies profile, goals, and impact on society. Consumers these days are more interested in the background of a company and the values they represent vs simply the product offered. 

It’s also important to embrace digital marketing to the doctors and hospitals that pharmaceutical companies sell to. It’s one thing to market to consumers but like the ads say, “See your doctor….”; At the end of the day, patients will most likely go to their doctor for trusted advice concerning a drug/product. 

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2. Multifaceted Sales Force

Consumers are not only watching TV. They are researching reputations online, a company’s goals & influence on society, reviews, etc. Integrated personal and non-personal outreach is on the rise for 2 reasons: 

  1. rise in technological tools 
  2. integration of data 

The most important tool is to know your customer’s needs and display it in your content marketing. Reps don’t serve as “product peddlers” anymore. They need to be seen as valued partners who reflect the brand, the goals, and the reputation. 

It’s important for companies and reps to strive to educate doctors to better serve them as well as their patients. 

Video conferences/Video introductions are on the rise vs reps traveling to their customer base. For example, doctors are busy and can be caught off guard by visiting reps. Video research and webinars can be viewed at off hours. Doctors won’t be as busy and are setting it up on their own time. Indeed, video details can last significantly longer at eight to ten minutes versus the in-office detail at two to four minutes. Video is seen as less intrusive, can cover more ground, but still maintains a human connection with less stress than interruptive pitch meetings. 

Again, today it’s more about WHO the sales forces in pharma is representing and less about the drugs/product since the absence of blockbuster drugs (An extremely popular drug that generates annual sales of at least $1 billion for the company that creates it. Examples include Vioxx, Lipitor and Zoloft). Today’s products are often very similar in terms of efficacy so the focus has to be on the company vs product. 

Content Marketing for Pharma - Boston

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3. Corporate Brand Consistency Via Multichannel Methods of Connection

Pharmaceutical companies need a selling experience that supports and builds their corporate brand. It used to be that the sales reps were the only face behind the brand but now with the prevalence of social media, patient testimonials, webinars, and videos, it is important for brands to be consistent all across the board. 

Video Content Marketing is a tool that can connect a pharmaceutical company in a visual way and express its story, goals, and product. This medium can give reps, doctors, and consumers all a consistent idea of the brand so everyone is on the same page! When all the messaging is aligned in this complex world we live in, consumers will feel better and more trusting of a companies message and goal!

Content Marketing for Pharma - Boston

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by Ana Nenshati

Ana is a nerdy film fanatic since 3rd grade and finally embraced acting and film work at the age of 23. Her favorite films are The Lord of the Rings and she relies heavily on them to up her spirits on gloomy days. She loves the power of a good story that spreads empathy and hopes to create beautiful stories as well as help others do so too.

Her life has been a series of eclectic stories, including running a farm in Costa Rica whilst surrounded by giant spiders daily, opening  a boutique with her mother, working at a State Park with wild horses running amock, and getting her scuba license when she was 13. Originally from Albania, Ana is passionate about different cultures and world issues. Through her Content Engagement Executive role at Waverley Knobs, she hopes to tell the stories that haven’t been heard yet. 

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