Restaurant Video Marketing: I’m So Tired of Valencia Filtered Food Photos!

Restaurant Video Marketing: I’m So Tired of Valencia Filtered Food Photos!

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Maybe it’s just because I am super hungry or i’m just looking to break overdone trends. Regardless, this trend may soon fade. But what can restaurants do in place of photos to visually engage their audiences about themselves and what they offer without using the same marketing tool everyone else is?

You guessed it – video!

restaurant video marketing

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

So what can video do that photographs can’t? Well for one, they are much more unique and personable.  We’ve all seen the internet drowning in pretty but boring food photos of the same thing.

Video can give your restaurant a more creative edge that photos can’t. We all eat. Food is life,  but life isn’t food for everyone. Some people might just want to Google “tacos boston” and go to the first place that shows up on the results. Others will put more effort into finding the right atmosphere, food, and culture. Video can help cater to both these demographics.

In mere minutes, video can express a restaurant’s atmosphere, culture, food, and mission in one easy to access medium that is also easily shareable across multiple social platforms. If we love photos of food so much, we will love videos of it. 

restaurant video marketing

Photo courtesy of SodexoUSA(CC Attribution)

If you are trying to get those diners in that just pick the top search result on Google, video can help you get up there. A website is more likely to land on the 1st page if there is a Youtube video within their website since it is owned by Google! (Let’s face it, most people rely on Google as their preferred search engine) Though, it’s important to practice proper SEO tactics and management in order for it to get on that 1st page. Search engine results are especially important for restaurants because there is so much competition. Additionally, visitors stay an average of 2 minutes longer on websites that include video, thus driving your SEO further. Yelp is often a source diners look to first and if you can place a video on your Yelp page, you have a huge advantage that will stand you out from the crowd.

Restaurants more often are incorporating perks to bring back loyal customers, hosting events, and embracing changing trends in food. Video can be useful to highlight events, an inspiring story, holiday themes, and even culinary tips!

Videos should not exceed over 4 minutes usually (dependent on the platform you are sharing them on), since attention tends to fade fairly quickly. It’s important to know the feel and emotion you want to convey to not mislead potential customers. Don’t make a serious, fancy video that might attract diners seeking luxury and peace but in reality you have a local band playing every night and waitstaff in untucked, dirty shirts.  This will only hurt your business. 

Be yourself!

Let’s look at some examples of amazing restaurant videos:

This video highlights a pizza spot in NYC and its impact on the community. If I was on a street with four different pizza spots and went to look them up online, I’d go here because of its compelling story that’s beautifully told via the owner and customers.

This is an example of a French restaurant and though I don’t speak French, I want to be taken there immediately. I love the cinematic feel of this and the footage of mountains and snow.

Then there is this video of The Place in NYC  that has gotten nearly 90,000 views on Youtube! Is it seriously this cheesy or trying to be sarcastically funny? I think sarcastic, and this “The Office” esque humor worked for a restaurant video marketing tactic!

Now this final video is a more technical approach and though it’s done by Phantom Gourmet, restaurants can do the same explaining their characteristics verbally, showing off the staff, and more. In addition, their website is stunning and has their own video amidst professional photos

Put down the i-Phone and 

give yourself a strong online presence! 

With a professional video, your restaurant can be found online easier, build trust and transparency, engage customers and staff, and do so much more than text or photographs! Let Waverley Knobs tell your story sans Valencia with restaurant video marketing!

by Ana Nenshati

Ana is a nerdy film fanatic since 3rd grade and finally embraced acting and film work at the age of 23. Her favorite films are The Lord of the Rings and she relies heavily on them to up her spirits on gloomy days. She loves the power of a good story that spreads empathy and hopes to create beautiful stories as well as help others do so too.

Her life has been a series of eclectic stories, including running a farm in Costa Rica whilst surrounded by giant spiders daily, opening  a boutique with her mother, working at a State Park with wild horses running amock, and getting her scuba license when she was 13. Originally from Albania, Ana is passionate about different cultures and world issues. Through her Content Engagement Executive role at Waverley Knobs, she hopes to tell the stories that haven’t been heard yet. 

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