Video & The Guest Experience: Hotel Video Production’s ROI

Video & The Guest Experience: Hotel Video Production’s ROI

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Hotel Video Production

Photo courtesy of Kevin Dooley (CC Attribution).

In a few of our past posts, we discussed some reasons why hotels may be seeing booking abandonment on their websites. We know guests are looking for easily accessible information, stress free booking, and honesty/transparency. Can hotel video production help ease the guest experience?

I think we all have gone to a hotel and been disappointed by a misleading location or photos that look nothing like the real thing. That happened to me once in NYC while traveling with my mother. I booked a hotel that seemed large and contemporary. I arrived at a 2 story complex over a karaoke bar and a very unhappy, tired mother beside me. We didn’t stay there that night.

Honesty is more important today than ever. Guests are very skeptical as well as overburdened with options. My generation has grown up seeing economic collapse, bailouts, and corporate liars. Those that provide the most transparent and easily accessible information are seen as much more trustworthy.

Now in terms of booking a hotel, I am a fidgety millennial looking for the quickest and most concise information possible when making a decision like I did for our NYC trip. The hotel’s website had a couple pictures (none of a Karaoke Bar!) on the homepage and I went along with that. Perhaps I should have read reviews but I would like for a hotel to be upfront on its own!

If hotels recognize the need for guests to have an enjoyable booking experience, they must embrace creating content on their website centered on what the guest wants to find out. If not, that shows that the hotel cares more about themselves than creating an easier guest experience!

Hotel Video Production and Guest Experience

Photo courtesy of Daniele Zedda (CC Attribution).

So how can hotel video production help with this issue of transparency? Video can be an essential tool to show your guests you care about giving them the easiest access to information. Instead of them having to find your amenities, then go find information about the gym, then jump another tab to find out about the location….a video can condense all this information into an easy, shareable, and unique medium. Guests will appreciate it!

96% of consumers find video helpful when making a purchasing decision and 77% of consumers said that they consider companies that have online video are more engaging with consumers! (Mobile Consumer Survey)  Video applies to all industries in this aspect and can really boost their connection with the audience to emulate honesty. This will lead to loyal customers, good reviews, and no sleepless nights in a small hotel above a Karaoke bar!

Here are some examples of hotels 

ahead of the curve with video production!

See how the Ames hotel of Boston shows off its rooms, nightlife, and location all in a short video. Their virtual tour going in through the doors already makes me feel comfortable and welcomed!


Here is the W in Barcelona with a relaxed commentator conveying the laid back feel of the hotel while providing important information guests seek.


Then there is this video by the Marriott. It is a humorous short film, and though you aren’t learning much about the hotel’s offerings, the video is hilarious, easily shareable, and helps them stand out as unique! This way, they are getting their name out there and staying relevant and memorable.

by Ana Nenshati

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