Digital Video Marketing – 5 Ways a Restaurant Can Benefit From a Culture Video

In Groundwork (Episode 2), we talked about storytelling elements and the different types of videos businesses should be utilizing for brand marketing and one of the videos we covered was the culture video. Companies may decide a culture video is right for them for a variety of reasons: offering an inside look into their business […]

Content Marketing for Pharma - Boston

Content Marketing for Pharma Companies

Photo courtesy of tdlucas5000(CC Attribution) Pharmaceutical companies, like all other industries, have to recognize the importance of content marketing to keep up with today’s changing methods of consumer engagement.  Here are 3 fields to cover in your content marketing and how video complements them.  1. Needs-based Customer Recognition Direct-to-consumer marketing is on the rise but […]

Visual Media and Psychology - Boston

The Visual Psychology of Visual Media (Infographic)

Isn’t time to start leaving your impact through visual media? We want you to be seen and be seen in the right light the first time!  Reach out to us and let us know what your goals are.  by Tatiana Ivan     Originally from Romania, Tatiana Ivan combines operational prowess with creative flair to produce […]

Restaurant Video Marketing

Restaurant Video Marketing: I’m So Tired of Valencia Filtered Food Photos!

Maybe it’s just because I am super hungry or i’m just looking to break overdone trends. Regardless, this trend may soon fade. But what can restaurants do in place of photos to visually engage their audiences about themselves and what they offer without using the same marketing tool everyone else is? You guessed it – […]

Brand Marketing and Video Production

Brand Marketing and Video Production – The Seven Basic Plots of Storytelling

Photo courtesy of Photocapy(CC ShareALike) What do Shakespeare, Steinbeck, and Spielberg have in common? Well, aside from the obvious alliteration of their names, these men are all considered to be great storytellers. Regardless of the platform – on stage, print, or screen – they, like so many other writers, have captured the attention of audiences […]

Business Marketing - Boston Resolutions 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for Business Marketing – Keep your Motivation

Photo courtesy of mt 23(CC ShareALike) Most people make the same list of New Year’s Resolutions, year after year, with the same result – it goes well for a little while and then you stop. In fact, lots of folks have already given up their intentions of living better, eating healthy, or quitting an addiction […]

Death of Commercials & The Birth of Brand Entertainment

Raise your digital hand if you still watch TV. What do you like about it? What programs do you keep your cable for? Is it for the news, commercials, or a Kardashian fix? Commercials are probably not why you pay for cable and might be the reason you opted to commercial-void options like TIVO. Have […]

Video & The Guest Experience: Hotel Video Production’s ROI

Photo courtesy of Kevin Dooley (CC Attribution). In a few of our past posts, we discussed some reasons why hotels may be seeing booking abandonment on their websites. We know guests are looking for easily accessible information, stress free booking, and honesty/transparency. Can hotel video production help ease the guest experience? I think we all […]