Year in Review: 2015 – Website Design Trends

Year in Review: 2015 – Website Design Trends

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The world of digital media is constantly evolving – new technologies and lifestyle changes help shape the way websites, logos, and videos are designed and produced. Pt. 1 of this blog series will highlight the key trends for website designs that dominated the scene in 2015.

Full-screen Images/Videos

Gone are the days of trying pack as much information as possible on the homepage – blocks of text and small images strewn across the site. Simplicity of design coupled with increase in bandwidth and data compression led to a rise in full-screen images and videos placed at the top. Visuals draw the audience in by engaging our senses and evoking emotions. Our friends over at Persistent Productions know the power of pictures and implemented it into their website design.

Long Scroll

Thanks to the high percentage of smart-phone users – 64% of adults own a smart phonelong scrolling websites were very common in 2015. Visitors simply scroll, much like swiping on a mobile device, and the website becomes a more engaging experience. Of course this works great for social media and entertainment sites but it also works well in more interesting ways, such as a trip through the universe.

Sticky Menus

One of the best ways to ensure visitors have easy access to the information they want is with a sticky menu – it stays fixed in place no matter where people scroll. Red Productions is a great example of this trend. Nothing is more annoying than getting lost on a website and a sticky menu makes sure you can always make it back home.


Pinterest was ahead of the game on this trend and companies were wise to catch up. Putting information into tiles is a great way of organizing content and the tiles can be resized in order to place importance on one or another. It also translates well to mobile devices – Windows phone users will find this trend quite familiar.


Video games have used this years and some web designers have implemented it in the past but parallax scrolling became quite popular in 2015. Basically, multiple backgrounds move at alternating speeds to create a quasi-3D effect. Parallax is great for long scrolling websites by breaking up the content without drawing attention to it.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or comments about these website design trends or any we missed! Stay tuned for Pt.2 where we cover the Logo Design trends of 2015.

by Alex Grant

As soon as he could talk, Alex set out interviewing anyone he could find. Armed with a tiny notebook and crayon, he primarily targeted his parents for these Q&As and always asked the same question – What color is the sky? Through this he developed a love for learning, writing, and storytelling.

Many years have passed, yet that inquisitive spirit remains. Alex left Austin, landed in Boston, and received a B.A. in Communications from Lasell College. As a Content Engagement Executive at Waverley Knobs, Alex hopes to combine his passion for writing and film with his desire to help people. He believes each moment in life helps flesh out a person’s story and enjoys using his talents to get those stories onto paper.

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