The Heist - Short Film Boston

The Heist (short film)

We are excited to have launched The Heist (short film) this past Black Friday! We are now over 1.4k views on YouTube and we have been featured on   See what all of the excitement is about by viewing the short film below!     Synopsis: On a cold night in Boston, two thugs […]

What To Do With Video - Marketing Boston

Business Video: What Are Your Next Steps?

We can talk about the value a business video can bring your company until we’re blue in the face. Well, we have and will continue to do so because we truly believe in the power of video. But a video is only going to make a difference if you understand what to do with it […]

Infographic Steps to Content Marketing Creation Boston

Content Creation: 5 Steps For Your Visual Content (Infographic)

Why do we need visual content creation? Visual content dominates social media. Utilizing such tools as photos, gifs, videos, and infographics give you a huge potential of grabbing the attention of your target audience. Visual content is also great for assisting your audience in understanding your content quickly and easily for those constantly on the go […]

Corporate Video – The Swiss Army Knife of Solving Business Problems

Running a business is tough. But you already knew that. With a seemingly endless sea of things that can go wrong, how are companies supposed to find solutions for all of them? Look no further.   Here are 6 ways corporate videos can help solve your problems.   Problem: My web content can’t keep the […]

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Rebranding Checklist

Rebranding is the strategic process of changing certain aspects of a company with the intention of creating a new identity in the mind of consumers. It’s something that occurs throughout the business world and the results can range from really good to really bad. If you’ve decided it’s time for some changes, make sure you’ve […]