Logo Design: A First Impression That Tells Your Story

Logo Design: A First Impression That Tells Your Story

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Logo Design: A First Impression That Tells Your Story

by Alex Grant

Have you taken time to stop and look at your company logo as well as thought about the logo design?

No, really. Pretend you’re a consumer, seeing the logo for the first time. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

What story does your logo tell?
What story are you trying to tell with that logo design? Does it come across as you had planned? Your logo will be the first thing most people see and they will make assumptions about your company. According to Jill Morton, a color psychologist and branding expert, 92.6% of consumers put the most importance on visuals when making a purchase. In an endless sea of websites, the ability of a logo to grab the attention of customers is more valuable than ever. Even if your company isn’t selling a tangible product, your logo is selling your brand to the public.

It’s easy for companies to get hung up while creating a logo. On one hand, companies want to stand out but tend to spend too much time and money, and end up with a design that does not truly represent their business. Alternatively, some choose for a quick, cheap design that requires constant updates, which is confusing and does not drive brand recognition. Knowing your brand and your story is imperative and we cover that in more detail here: here.

There are a variety of qualities that good logos have, depending on who you ask, such as: simple, timeless, memorable, distinct. The only thing that matters, though, is for a company to do research into the colors, fonts, and other stylistic choices to ensure the graphic tells not only a good story, but their story.

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