Boston Creative Groups Give Back to Families of Charleston Victims

Boston Creative Groups Give Back to Families of Charleston Victims

Boston, MA, July 2015 — Elizabeth Addison, a Boston-born songwriter, playwright, and actress, along with local Boston companies Waverley Knobs Entertainment, Urbanity Dance, Keep The Edge Studio, Salem Theatre Company and 3050 Music Group will support the families of the Charleston Shooting victims the best way that they can: creatively. Inspired by the recent tragic events in Charleston, South Carolina, Addison wrote a brand new song. The song will be professionally recorded and it, along with its accompanying music video, will be sold through 3050 Music Group’s online store, and all proceeds from the sales will go directly to help the families of the victims.

Leilani Ricardo, a Boston-based actress and dancer, is producing Addison’s music video. Titled “Stand Up: A Confederacy of Faith,” the music video will involve several talented Boston performers ranging from professional dancers, actors, and singers; Addison, herself, will appear as the lead singer and musician. Waverley Knobs Entertainment is set to start filming the music video on July 20th in Boston, and will wrap principal filming July 26th. The song, and music video, will be available for purchase by the beginning of August through 3050 Music Group’s platform:

When asked about the moment that inspired her to write “Stand Up”, Addison declared: “After I heard [about the events in Charleston], I found myself with all these feelings I didn’t know what to do with, so I began writing a song. As I played the piano, tears streamed down my face. In my art I seek to bridge gaps, build bridges, help people see that we are more similar than we are different and that we all need each other. I know that if something like that happened to me, I would hope, regardless of their backgrounds, someone would extend their hand to help me. The state this country is in scares me right now. We all need to reach inside and find that common ground. Find the empathy… The love. Only love can defeat this darkness and we must do it together. I just hope this work makes a difference.”

Update on Production:
Behind the scenes of Stand Up

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