Importance Of An Engaging Story For Your Video!

We’re all editors, at heart.   Think about your commute this morning. Narrate for someone, out loud, all that happened.   Go ahead. I’ll wait here.     So, what happened?    Did you arrive at work on time or late? Was anyone driving a flashy car? How was traffic, better, worse or the usual? […]

W.O.W. Event featuring WKE!

One of our fantastic business partners, Eventive, is holding a very exciting event this Friday (May 29th) in Worcester and we will have a table there to promote Paperthin as well as offer an event only discount on the film! Plus, we will have updates and a sneak peak at The Long Awake (Coming at […]

WKE Featured at 48HR Film Festival!

Come see us on the BIG SCREEN! This past weekend, the Waverley Knobs Entertainment competed in the 2015 Boston 48HR Film Project! The intrepid team, composed of only extremely talented actors and incredibly creative crew members, wrote, shot, edited and scored an entire film in just two days!   What is this 48 Hour thing about, anyways?   […]